I had the pleasure to illustrate some historically relevant characters that were printed and CNC´d as real size metal statues to stay permanently inside the impressive Fortress of Salzburg (Salzburger Burgen und Schlösser) .
Each character, from the iconic city Bull washer, to the Peacock, acts like the custodian of a game : ring-tossing, jackpot or a tug-of-war to play with your family or friends while learning history. 
I developed the character and illustration designs together with Berlin-based agency Die Gold Kinder and Erlebnisplan, which art directed the project and ensured my designs stayed accurate with a modern, graphic-novel take on the Fortress history.
Here are some of the final concepts and final vector files used in the process
Diemut got married four times, not driven precisely by love but by power and strategy. Toss a ring to see what her next love affair (or not) might have been...
Master Peter lives in his garden paradise with his animals and the (not frequently used) armoury...the castle was never sieged after all!
There are many stories about the origin of the Bull Washer legend in Salzburg, like a strategy to deceive the enemies by painting and washing the same bull over and over ( therefore pretending to have a much larger animal stock ) . In any case, a great excuse to play Tug-of-War! 
This fictional character, the castle Smith, custodies the "whack-a-horseshoe" game, which looks like a ton of fun.
This Italian architect is responsible for many architectural wonders in Austria, Solari ( and a little mouse ) custody a fortress map in another magnetic game.
Member of the rich merchant family Alt of Salzburg, became the Fortress master of coin after his husband died.
Take a chance to get some chocolate coins and other goodies at her Jackpot machine!
My last contribution to the project was this super fun water-tattoo sheet :-)
Thanks for checking the project! 
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