This is a personal side project I´ve had in mind for a while. Being both an artist and a father, I want to spend as much time as possible with my family and at the drawing desk -pretty much the two things in life I enjoy the most- which is often impossible and involves a certain compromise. Also, as a freelancer, I can be relatively flexible with my working hours as long as I can meet my deadlines, which often becomes both a blessing and a curse .

For this story, which I already wrote and might take the shape of a graphic novel at some point -at least if the appropriate conditions happen- I didn´t want to talk about my own experience, but more generally about the conflict between our own selfish goals and the rest of our lives. I decided it would be more interesting to take the situation to the extreme, so I came up with a fictional emerging Latino rock band named Pulso (Spanish for "heartbeat" but also "arm wrestling" or metaphorically, a struggle) and their struggles to make it big when the lead singer becomes a father of twins.
Still deciding what would be a good look for the characters, maybe more cartoony than my usual drawings, maybe not...here are some quick sketches and compositions I have done with the iPad+Procreate combo in my free time.
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