I got in touch with Pantheon Longboards a while ago and we explored a collaboration using one of my existing sketches, a creepy still life meant to be a critic of fossil fuel industry greed. After a couple years hiatus 
(the graphic was originally intended for a downhill longboard which ended up with a different visual ), I reached out again and we decided to recover this concept for the Pranayama, one of their signature LDP ( long distance push ) board models and best sellers. There were already two different versions around, and this one would add a different, more conceptual touch to the roster, while staying within the brand look and feel.    

After the release of their Karma 92mm wheels and their own Traditional Kingpin Trucks ( TKP ) it was clear that the one-color accent would be a light blue to make it a killer monochrome complete. 
There is actually no line in the screen printed drawing, just the dark wood veneer coming through the two colour layers. 

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