Illustrations for ESPN online (selection)
Everything you didn´t know about Deontay Wilder
Illustrations for a feature about the eccentric boxer and former heavyweight champion including
some fun details about his life and crazy life. AD by Munehito Sawada
Illustrations for the coverage of those alternative sports you all love : Hot Dog eating, caber toss,
slippery stairs, cherry pit spitting, Spikeball or Cornhole.
Record Breakers
Portraits of athletes in all disciplines with the record number they broke
Djs in the MLB
Piece about the most valued DJ among the baseball league, specially in all the moments between the training and the matches, when the right song in the locker room can really make a difference.
European Soccer Coaches challenges
Portraits of European Champion League coaches under pressure for having changed teams
Illustrations for some thorough stats about winning chances by mascot
animal kingdom.
NFL meets Wrestlemania!
What if some of the most iconic football players turned into Wrestling stars? Art directed by Chris Delisle
What were the chances?
Special feature with all the unlikely sports events of 2016. Full feature here
Road to March Madness
Original article here
Inside Nick Saban´s house
Original article here:
Almost missing Dak Prescott
Full story here
Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning
Full article here
The Phil Files
Illustrating the diary / series of interviews of Phil Jackson as Knicks manager
Everything you needed to know about the Olympics
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