Selected Illustrations for ESPN the Magazine

Selection of pieces I have been doing for ESPN magazine over the last few years,
The NBA investigation
Illustrations for a feature about former NBA referee Tim Donaghy betting on his own games and allegedly fixing the outcomes for years.
Lance Armstrong unsuccesful attempts to regain his prestige
Art direction by Rami Moghadam
Tiny Oral Story Compilation
Spot Illustrations for Little stories that made it to the magazine after becoming viral on
Instagram or Twitter.
The Original Rules of Football
Super fun triple-page piece in the last printed issue of ESPN magazine, going together with an
hilarious article on the absurdity of football. Art Directed by Rami Moghadam and Eric Paul
What if...Lebron in Philly?
Illustrations for a fantasy screenplay about Lebron eventually landing in the 76ers. Art Directed by Chris Delisle
Who can defeat these patriots?
Illustration for an article about tactics by different NFL teams to win one of the best teams on the way to Superbowl.
Art Directed by Christopher Delisle
SuperBowl Special 
Opener and Spread about how dazzling the final game of the season is, and how mastering the art of napping under pressure can make a difference. Art Directed by Munehito Sawada. Fun fact...I had to draw every possible team combination in advance, and Gronkowski got injured in the divisionals, so I a ton of combinations were drawn and never used! 
Turkey Bowl
Special with strategies and tactics to win your father-in-law in backyard football this year's Thanksgiving dinner.
Art Directed by Munehito Sawada
College Football Playoff special - Mascot Showdown
Art Directed by Chris Delisle
LaVar Knows Better
Illustrating a screenplay by Emmy-winning author Alan Yang, co-creator of Master of None.
What would happen having a father like LaVar Ball.
The Best of Both Worlds
Illustrating the holidays of NBA´s star Kevin Durant in Madrid, which ended up with a life change and ultimately joining the Golden State Warriors.
Art Directed by Rami Moghadam
Heard at NFL Combine
Art Directed by Munehito Sawada
Southern Exposure
Art Director Munehito Sawada
Alternative rough sketches and ideas:
Open in the Corner
Art Director Chris Delisle
Road to Atlanta
Art Director Munehito Sawada
Hiding in Plain Sight
Art Director Christopher Delisle
Alternative ideas and sketches:
College Football Preview
Cover option. Art Director Munehito Sawada.
Alternative ideas and sketches:
Kentucky Derby Confidential
Art Directed by Chris Delisle and Chin Wang
ESPN Confidential Spot Illustrations
Art Director Munehito Sawada
The Turkey Bowl
Football tactics to reign over your father in low at Thanksgiving! Illustration and innovative comic diagrams
Art directed by Munehito Sawada
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