As a part of a rebranding project of the fan-based network FANDOM ( formerly WIKIA ), I got requested to illustrate their story with a few sequential pieces and characters for their "About" section.
First of all I wanted to create a "Fan" gang that would act as common thread throughout the story. I wanted them to be diverse and relate each of them to one of the fan network interests ( TV shows, movies, gaming, role-playing, comics...).
Here are the loose sketches and ideas that led to the final design of the characters and first panel.
What better way to explain the difference between Fandom and its sister web Wikipedia than using Star Wars characters?
Actually the "Wookipedia" was one of their most successful sites so that was another great chance to draw a lot of Star Wars characters, spread them on a timeline and hide tiny easter eggs here and there.
The last panels of the company story revolve around the new services and the thousands of fan-created sites around the world,
that is, another chance to draw tons of tiny characters from different franchises and fictional universes.
This will be also used in print too at much larger size in collateral materials , so I spent some time drawing the details of the the characters in their most beloved fictional worlds.
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