Selected Illustrations for ESPN the Magazine

Some of the pieces I have been doing for ESPN over the last few years, I really love how the images always integrate with typeface and layout. For other longer, bigger individual projects and features I have developed for the magazine, check each separate project.
Also for the online-exclusive material illustrated for ESPN, check the separate section.

Heard at NFL Combine
Art Directed by Munehito Sawada
Southern Exposure
Art Director Munehito Sawada
Open in the Corner
Art Director Chris Delisle
Alternative rough sketches and ideas:
Road to Atlanta
Art Director Munehito Sawada
Alternative illo (unpublished, but I finished it anyway! :-)
Hiding in Plain Sight
Art Director Christopher Delisle
Alternative ideas and sketches:
College Football Preview
Cover option. Art Director Munehito Sawada.
Alternative ideas and sketches:
Kentucky Derby Confidential
Art Directed by Chris Delisle and Chin Wang
ESPN Confidential Spot Illustrations
Art Director Munehito Sawada
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